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Oh the effort we go through to play tennis! Last week I helped my friend resurface her HAR-TRU court and nail down lines with 2,000 nails. Oh my back. Tomorrow I get to reap the benefits of having a friend with her own court in her backyard. The USTA has rolled out rules for playing tennis this summer. You really do not even have to touch your opponent’s balls. Bring your own can and serve with those balls, using phase 1, 2 and 3 will get us back on the courts.   

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Oh the effort we go through to play tennis! We finally had a day above 50 degrees. 50 degrees  is my cut-off “cold” for playing outdoors. It was 52!  With our pop-up net, soft compression orange balls and  the  alley behind our house, tennis was played for two hours; what fun.  Playing  eleven  point games and rotating players, everyone got to play.  I could even feel my hitting arm the next day. In Covid-19 times we have seen creative ways to hit the ball; Roger’s 100 volley wall challenge, hanging out a window and hitting with your neighbor, Rafa hitting...

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